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Aromatherapy dropper bottleNatasha will visit you in your home to provide treatment and massage after consulting with you to ensure the oils to be used are safe for you and that there are no contraindications to massage.
This involves asking for details about lifestyle, diet, exercise, medical history and general health concerns. Holistic Post-treatment advice can also be given.
Any information shared at this or any other time will of course be kept confidential.
Natasha will use blends of essential oils for your treatment which will be carefully chosen to meet your individual needs or requirements. Essential oil blends (bath oils, body creams, treatment oils etc.) can also be made especially for you to take away so you can continue receiving the benefits of essential oils at home in-between your aromatherapy treatments.
Aromatherapy 01Sufficient space is needed to set up a massage couch and for Natasha to work around it.
Natasha provides soft fresh towels with each treatment.
For your personal comfort and enjoyment during the treatment it is a good idea to make sure the treatment room is nice and warm.

If you prefer not to use your home for your treatment, an alternative can be arranged. 
Natasha will travel within a radius of approximately 20 miles of Ashbourne, visits outside of this area may be subject to an additional charge.

Following your massage you may feel a little dreamy or ‘spaced out’ and need to take a little time readjusting.  Natasha will ensure you are happy and comfortable and she will then leave you to savour the relaxation and peace of mind resulting from your massage.
To gain the most benefit from your massage you should try to follow the following guidelines for 24 hours after your treatment.

• Drink as much water as possible immediately after your massage – this will assist the body in flushing out toxins which have been released by the treatment.
• Eat a light meal only – this will help the cleansing effect on the body.
• Avoid carrying heavy bags, in particular shoulder bags, as this will only undermine the good work that has been done!!
• Avoid Tea, Coffee and Cola products, as these contain caffeine, which acts as a stimulant, and this slows down the healing process. Herbal or Green teas are excellent alternatives.
• Avoid alcohol – your blood is pumping round your body much faster after your massage, and you would become very tipsy, very quickly!